Thursday, June 16, 2011


I remember creating this blog shortly after I kicked off with Pandesal ni Jo, my sort of gratitude blog. I can't believe that I'm paying attention to it just now again. My spirit is willing but I only got two hands, eh?! But why start another blog if I don't have the luxury of time? Seriously, it's challenging... but it's satisfying. That no one is obliging me to update my blog, but it feels good to know that at the end of day or anytime I know that I can run somewhere just to voice out my thoughts... random speak per se, about the music itself, few lines from a lyrics from the song I've heard, soundtrack appreciate, sparked somewhere... so, it goes.

But let's keep it for the record that I don't love to sing, I love listening and appreciating music.

Why mixtapes and walkman? It's probably to distinguish my generation (although I'm still much young that time) and to reclaim that beautiful memory of the past.

And oh, why do I feel a bit of fear... that this blog is going to unleash a significant part of me, in contrast to my two other semi-anonymous blogs? Hmmm, there's fear. Which is a good thing. I think this is going to be a great space, at least for me. 

Wow, by this random introduction. I think the blog is taking its shape. :)

To anyone who stumbled on this post, thanks for company! 

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